Data Driven Solutions

SmartInsights is built from the ground up to help our industrial customers realize the value of data and telemetry generated by their machines.

Our solution are built on top of world-class industrial AI and IoT platform from Amazon Web Services. We pair that with our industry leading shop floor experience and pre-trained machine learning models to translate fast-moving data into actionable insights that drive business outcomes.

The entire solution is lightweight, extendable and securely connects to your existing assets with no special training necessary.

AI Powered

SmartInsights uses state-of-the-art IoT and Machine Learning systems to deliver on the promise of Industrial IoT revolution.

The solution includes easy-to-use wizards for loading and linking data shop floor assets and cutting-edge machine learning in an intuitive web interface and templates to target key KPIs.


Operational Efficiency

Identify the percentage of manufacturing time that is truly productive and improve manufacturing processes.


Process Optimization

Eliminate waste, improve efficiency and optimize operations. Use real-time data to improve productivity on the fly.


Real-time Visibility

Visualize realtime data from your entire factory floor using a single pane of glass with our next gen web, mobile and voice UI.


Actionable Intelligence

Our explainable AI turns data into real insights. Welcome to the world of AI Driven root cause analysis.


Predictive Maintenance

Minimize planned factory downtime and unplanned shutdowns. Predict and prevent complex machine failures, identify root causes of issues, and optimize maintenance.


Anomaly Detection

Machine learning helps you see what humans normally miss. Analyzes current conditions to identify deviations from normal operating behavior.


AI at Edge

AI doesnt have to burn through your bandwidth. Algorithms and analytics run at the edge so you can make instant decisions and control what data is sent to the cloud.


Computer Vision

Integrate SafetyVisor to supercharge your environment with a Computer Vision based worker safety and anomaly detection solution.


Powered by AWS

Leverage the world's largest cloud platform to securely communicate, get alerts, do advanced analytics and handle any unexpected spikes in your environment.

How Do I Get Started

Many of our customers are able to deploy SmartInsights in under a day. For larger rollouts, we provide prescriptive guidance and hands-on assistance so customers have one less thing to worry about.

Site Survey

Connect & Configure


2 hrs

Executive Briefing

2 days

Site Survey

2-3 days

Solution Modeling

6-8 weeks

Single-Site Deployment

Scale Deployment!

Our Customers

Enterprises across a range of verticals have deployed our solutions for clear business outcomes.

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